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Student Transfers

Non-Resident Transfers

The Warrick County School Corporation will enroll students living outside Warrick County. Enrollment will be considered if:

  • The non-resident enrollment is primarily for educational reasons;
  • The non-resident enrollment Application is complete and returned by the deadline date. July 23, 2021W, is the deadline for the 2020-2021 school year;
  • The school and grade level requested has capacity to add students. 

Students transferring to the Warrick County School Corporation from other school systems shall be placed in those classes or at those grade levels for which their previous educational experiences appear to qualify them. The Warrick County School Corporation reserves the right to change or modify such placements on the basis of further information, testing, student performance, or investigation. The Superintendent has the discretion to grant or deny all transfer requests. Non-Resident Transfers will be charged a tuition fee.

Intra-Corporation Transfers

Schools throughout the Warrick County School Corporation have been established in order to serve the needs of those children living within certain geographic and community areas. Boundary lines have been established by the local school board to ensure that enrollment levels continue to conform to the limits for which the various buildings were designed. Therefore, the Warrick County School Corporation operates within defined school district areas and is not a free choice system. A student is to attend the school in the district in which his/her parents, legal guardians, or other adult custodians have established legal settlement.

Circumstances may develop for families when it is better for a child to attend a school in a different school within the corporation. Due to the wide range of circumstances which can develop, the foregoing policy has been established.

Consideration for transfer will be given when any of the following reasons are addressed:

  • CHILD CARE - The available child care provider lives within another school boundary. The child care provider must submit to the Office of Student/Support Services a written affidavit which indicates their employment/position as such.
  • MOVING/BUILDING - A residence change is expected to be made to a new school district in a reasonable time, such as the impending purchase of different home or the completion of a new residence. Parents will be required to complete a 30-day conditional enrollment form in such cases, which will be subject to review at the end of the conditional period.
  • MEDICAL - Parents provide documentation from a physician, psychologist or psychiatrist indicating that it is in the student's best interest to attend a different school.

Personal preference of the student or parent is not an acceptable reason for transfer to, nor continuation of, attendance in a school outside the home school district.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 812-897-0400.