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Charge Policy

Charge Policy

The WCSC Food & Nutrition Department operates as a self-supporting, cost effective business within our district and maintains fiscal responsibility to the overall operation.

Helpful Information:

The Food & Nutrition Department relies solely on money received from students and adults for meals and ala carte items as well as some government reimbursement for each school breakfast and lunch meal purchased. Therefore, it is important that students are given breakfast and lunch money each day to purchase their meals.

You may sign up for email notifications by contacting your school cafeteria's manager. Email notifications are sent every Sunday and Thursday to those accounts whose balance is $10.00 or less.

If an email is not on file in the cafeteria then paper notifications will go home in the agenda book weekly. Elementary students with less than $5.25 in their account will be given account balance information weekly to bring home. If the account balance is negative, Middle School and Elementary students will be given Negative Balance Notifications weekly to bring home. Balances may also be checked online at LINQ Connect.

Download the Meal Charge Policy