Special Education Programs

The Warrick County School Corporation is committed to providing a free and appropriate public education to all students in Warrick County with disabilities. Special education services are provided to students with learning disabilities, mild, moderate, or severe cognitive disabilities.

Students with emotional disabilities, vision impairments, and hearing impairments also receive services. In addition, speech and language services are provided at each school. Related services such as behavior management, occupational therapy, physical therapy, interpreting, job coaching, and special transportation are provided for students with disabilities.

It is the goal of the Warrick County School Corporation to educate students with special needs in the least restrictive environment to the extent possible. The WCSC recognizes the social and academic benefits of being integrated with typically developing peers. Therefore, a full continuum of services, ranging from inclusive to consultative, are provided for students with disabilities.

Eligibility for special education services is determined by individual student evaluation and the Case Conference Committee procedures in accordance with state and federal regulations.

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